Pooled Trusts Services and True Link Financial have a shared goal of enabling pooled trust beneficiaries to achieve greater independence. Pooled Trust Services (PTS) is a leading expert in trust solutions and is committed to protecting eligibility for needs-based public benefits such as SSI/Medicaid. PTS partners with True Link Financial to leverage its best-in-class software for trust administration and investment management.

Investment Principles

  • Fiduciary standard
    We act in our clients’ best interest. Period.

  • No hidden fees or commissions
    We are 100% transparent. We have one low fee to ensure that our motivation is aligned with the health of our clients’ assets.

  • Deep expertise
    Our investment experts combine over 150 years of financial expertise with our best-in-class technology to offer asset management designed specifically for the unique and highly-structured framework of pooled special needs trusts.


True Link Financial & Pooled Trust Services

Safeguards for Client Assets

As investment advisor, True Link uses Charles Schwab as its third-party custodian to clear transactions and safeguard assets. Charles Schwab provides trading, settlement, reporting, and is the gatekeeper for client accounts.
Assets are protected through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage. Schwab maintains additional brokerage-insurance beyond SIPC protection.   

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Together, PTS and True Link help reduce the administrative burden of managing trusts, particularly tasks associated with disbursements, providing greater efficiency in reporting, and helping to mitigate risk of invested assets through diversification. Trust administrators can help beneficiaries better manage their money through True Link’s prepaid debit card, which has been referenced by the Social Security Administration’s POMS.